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  • African Mango Drops
  • African Mango Drops
  • African Mango Drops

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    200mg Proprietary Blend Extract. Take 10 drops, 3 times daily under the tongue. Best when used with proper dieting and exercise.

    Product Description


    African Mango Drops

    The African mango is grown in the west and southwestern parts of Africa. African mango drops can help to accelerate your body’s metabolism and help to lower cholesterol levels. It is not the actual fruit that provides the weight loss benefits, but rather the extract from the African Mango seeds, which have an abundance of fiber and healthy fats.

    Our African Mango drops do not contain steroids or stimulants. The drops are packed with nutritious elements that help enhance the fat burning processes. As part of a proper diet and exercise routine, African Mango drops can increase weight loss results, improve cholesterol levels, improve blood glucose levels, and increase energy & stamina.



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